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Here in the United States, a big milestone happened in June when The Defense of Marriage Act and California's Proposition 8 was struck down, with many celebrities speaking out in support of the news. However, it wasn't all talk — many stars sprung into action and have gotten engaged or married since then. Keep reading to see all of the same-sex couples who have walked down the aisle or have wedding bells in the near future! View On One Page. Photo 0 of Getty Related:. Previous Next Start Slideshow. Around The Web. You May Also Like.

Celebrity Couples. Miranda Lambert. Game of Thrones. A Stark Discovery: The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In the bag was the Sydney Morning Herald in which I had altered the 9-letter word. I had been in the gardens since the early hours setting up a picnic She made it to her picnic under the tree by foot.

We had tea in China cups and her favourite food and sat under a canopy of lanterns and bunting. She said yes phew and I took us to Cockatoo Island on the ferry for a night in the heritage cottage. It really was an unforgettable day.

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Is anyone else feeling loved up and a bit emotional? Just me then? Hopefully these sweet stories have helped inspire a proposal of your own. Same sex marriage has been legal now in Ireland for over two years whoop!

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We're bringing you same sex proposal ideas from real life couples; people who've been there, bought the ring, and popped the question sometimes even scuppering their other half's proposal plans! So whether you're considering a simple proposal at home or something that's months in the planning, maybe these real couples' stories will give you ideas, or help you pluck up the courage to take the plunge!

This pair were both planning a proposal at the same time - how meant-to-be are they! Needless to say, there was some confusion! We started reminiscing and out of nowhere, Cathal popped the question. Needless to say, I was delighted to say yes and we scampered home to get the rings. I suppose what all of that really says, is that both of us were ready. I took her to stay in Belfast and said we would go have dinner and do some shopping, just a bit of us time.

We headed down, checked in, headed up to the room and settled in, I told her we would have a few drinks and then head into town, as dinner was at 7pm. I asked her did she want her present, gave her a card and her jigsaw What she didn't know is I had taken a piece out on purpose and written on the back 'Will you marry me?

These same-sex couples found “the one”—hear their stories

So anyways, she did the jigsaw and realised there was a piece missing. I played the 'Oh I'm so sorry, I feel like a dick I must have missed a piece when packing it'. She was all 'Don't worry', so I said, 'Look, I have another wee token gift. I had written a note to her in a photo frame with the missing piece covered up at the bottom. At the end of the note I had said that she was my missing puzzle piece, and that because she was mine, I had hers. She opened it up and there was the puzzle piece which she didn't read at first, lol!

We planned our day for , then scrapped that and got married with just ourselves and three witnesses on our 5th anniversary on the 10th Feb !

Wouldn't have it any other way! For Christmas, Immy returned the gesture with one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents ever. I couldn't find one so I asked my friends to take photos of water towers in their neighbourhood and I did some crazy research on them so that I could bind a book for his final present. On the last page of the book, I took a picture of a very special water tower that is located at my office and underneath it said By the time he read that last line I got down on one knee and proposed.

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The best part is that his nephew wailed through the entire thing. We have a video and it is hilarious.

31 Same-Sex Celebrity Couples Who Put a Ring on It

I had spotted a quiet secluded stretch of beach just up from our hotel which I thought would be perfect as there would be nobody around but us. I made an excuse of needing to go back to the room and snuck off to write a message on the sand in coral rocks, "Will you marry me? We had a lovely day by the beach and later that day I suggested we go for a walk along the beach.

Ladi spotted the message in the sand and pointed it out, not realising at first what it was, and as he started reading it aloud I dropped onto one knee and asked him to marry me. Louise tells us how she popped the question with a short and sweet description If so, here's some more handy reading More helpful reads and advice for proposing: How much you should spend on an engagement ring?

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