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So I asked Persona 5 fansite Kotaku. She had. The answer was a little bit of both.

Kanji Tatsumi - Bisexual Moments [SPOILERS]

I know I am actually playing a teenage boy having an inappropriate relationship with an adult, but it also feels like I am playing a version of myself that actually did ask out that cute, punk-y senior girl that I longed for as a freshman in high school. The game itself perhaps inadvertently draws attention to this early on with the scandals involving Kamoshida, Ann and Shiho. You, the player, are probably an adult. Depending on how you think of it, the power dynamic can shift completely.

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You can max the rank whether as lovers or friends, and get the same rewards and items for doing so. Persona 5 is a really long game. It tackles so many real-world issues—high school, love, politics, art, workplace exploitation, sex, social anxiety—that it was bound to get some more right than others. Much of Persona 5 is nestled in a grey area, inviting you to talk it over with other people playing the game. So here we are, staring at a social-sexual Rorschach test, where the ink blots take the form of a punk doctor in fashionably distressed tights He has written a book on cosplay , designed a game about airplanes, and also runs cosplay.

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Luke Plunkett. Filed to: Share This Story. Persona 5 is a very good video game: Persona 5: The Kotaku Review. Soundtrack's fun. I like the cast for the most part. I can also take the fanservice and most of Yosuke's yammering about scoring chics in stride. Everything doesn't have to be tailored specifically for me. That's fine. But maaan, Kanji's arc is some bullshit. I dunno what their intention was with this character, but imo, it doesn't come across well at all.

Given how they handled him, along with one of the endings for Catherine FB, it'd be such a nice turn-around if they made effort to be more inclusive with P6. They don't have to take fanservice away, and they don't have to force any particular relarions or whatever. Just have options.

Totally different genre, I know, but Stardew Valley lets you date or not date whatever gender you want in a completely unintrusive manner. Why can't more games do this? It's not like I was expecting these games to touch upon LGBT instances in any form, but given Atlus's tendency to apparently not shy away such topics, they might as well do it right and offer properly written characters and representation. Woylie Member.

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  • May 9, It does. Squidofman Luke Plunkett, Kotaku Verified. Oct 27, 14 Australia. Or just let us date Yusuke in P5 Golden Hops Banned Member. Oct 27, Madrid, Spain. It doesn't need to.

    Persona 6 needs to have nothing short of LGBT dating options.

    One thing is if you want that but the series really doesn't need that, especially if the developers aren't into the idea of adding those dating options. It is a touchy subject anyways and if they do force themselves to do it you will probably see people whining that they didn't do it the "right way". Crazy Izanagi Member. Oct 27, 13, Squidofman said: Martylepiaf Member.

    Oct 25, France. P6 will not be developed by Hashino's team so it's possible But get ready for gay jokes in Project re: Fantasy somehow. The Pharmercy Member.

    Taking a look at the LGBT representation in Persona 5 (Light Spoilers)

    Oct 26, It'd be cool, but part of me wants P6 to be a revamp that does away with the Social Link stuff. Although since it's a new team, I also want them to just remake the P2 Duology Dec 28, 6, Zeroro Member. Oct 27, 1, I thought this was something P-Studio would fix with P5; I'm naive as fuck, apparently! With Hashino no longer on the series, hopefully the person who replaces him will have a better approach to these sorts of things again, probably being too naive.

    Khanimus Avenger. Oct 25, 12, Greater Vancouver. Hops said: Khanimus said: They can fuck right off with this "but we don't wanna" shit because the angle they've chosen is to be actively hateful. Gamer Heart Member. Oct 26, 1, Tagyhag Member. Oct 27, 4, Reminder that there was going to be a path where you could date Yosuke but they took that out. What a shame. Could have been a good "Oh, so that's why he's so insecure" story.

    Virtua Sanus Member. Nov 24, 2, It really does not, but I would not be against it. At least, only if it is handled respectfully and not like an awkward BioWare way of handling a gay relationship. I am honestly pretty surprised people take Kanji's arc to directly mean he had to be gay. Being a teen and first starting to recognize what you like or where you fit in within the world can be an especially difficult thing for many people. Hell, he might just be bisexual. Yosuke having a cut gay relationship feels like it would carry a lot more weight to me personally, kind of surprised they never went through with it in Persona 4 Golden.

    It would've made sense with how insecure he is. Tagyhag said: Rival Banned Member. Oct 27, Midlands. TheCthultist Member.

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    Catherine centers around a strain of mysterious nightmares that only affect men and end in death, which plague our hero, Vincent, after he cheats on his girlfriend Katherine with a girl named Over the course of the game you drink with friends, complain about your problems, solve puzzles, and converse with other men who are suffering through the same nightmares. At one point, one of your childhood friends, a waitress named Erica, tells you she's experiencing these nightmares. But don't they only affect men? You see where this is going. It is foreshadowed throughout that Erica is transgender, and though she's presented as a content, sexually confident woman, the game continually demeans her simply for being trans.

    By the end of the game, when Toby's disgusted at the reveal of her trans status, his friends laugh at him like they'd successfully executed the punchline to a long-running joke. The transphobic lens through which Catherine views Erica is hardly new or surprising within the context of Atlus' other games.

    Catherine purports to be a game explicitly about gender differences, trying to honestly examine the sexual power dynamics between cis men and women. But it only plays in Types.

    Atlus, We Haven't Forgotten Your Mishandling of LGBTQ Characters - Waypoint

    Atlus' games are rife in essentialism. Erica will always be a man according to Atlus, so she is still treated as such. Naoto's desire for gender reassignment is deemed irrational and potentially damaging because, really, he'll always be a woman. By the game's end, the nightmares are revealed to be divine punishment on men who stall procreation, shepherding women to men who can better serve the population growth.

    Ichiko Ohya

    Men like Vincent, then, are expected to fall for the trap of Catherine without fail. In this way, 'Catherine' frames the struggle against these forces as a rebuke to socially assigned gender roles, with Vincent standing up for men everywhere who are pressured to treat women a certain way Rather than harshly judge Vincent's shitty behavior, 'Catherine' instead absolves him. Instead of allowing a deeper understanding of either gender, Catherine lets its straight, cis male hero get away with fucking another woman without his nagging girlfriend finding out.

    The status quo remains largely unchanged, and everyone still laughs at Toby for sleeping with Erica. Essentialism in Catherine isn't just the driving force of its transphobia; it's also a system of belief that excuses male behavior. After all, how could Vincent resist Catherine's charms? Men will be men, and it's her fault for exploiting that fact. Now, with Catherine: Full Body 's Rin, that gender essentialism continues unabated, bringing the original's trans panic in an uncomfortable spotlight.