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The answers surprised us. Are you bi-sizual? Tastes change.

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Or perhaps you have considered yourself a chaser for a decade or two, but your expanding waist line tells you something different. This could be it. This could be the moment you realize that you might be A Chub4Chub. How can you tell?

Lets Get Physical Dammit, Olivia. You take all those hot big men and then make them into muscle dudes. I'm just a silly, fun-loving, easy-going dude who was always having trouble letting my personality shine past my weight. I've been bullied, and I've been mistreated, but never on ManPlay! I'm so happy I finally let a friend convince me to join. I thought it would be a waste of time or money, but it's been the best possible use of both I could have ever imagined!

I'm getting laid all the time! I love my life. I love performing, I love my dog, I love my city, I love my friends — you get the picture. But for all that love, I have no one to love me: To put it less nicely: I want sex. It's been too long and I just want it now, always, and much more than I've been getting it!

I'll be a full on chub soon! I like getting big. I'm tired of putting all my effort into being kinda skinny. I feel much better being with men who celebrate a guy being a little bigger.

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I spent many years hiding my true self. I was married to a woman for eight years before I finally told her what I finally couldn't deny any more: I am gay. It's been less than a year since then and I have been shunned by a lot of my family and friends. I'm sure they'll come around, but for now I'm on my own in this world and I'm here looking for a man to spend time with and explore. Gay, black, and fat! I really got some kind of special trifecta! I swear I'm not an asshole because of it.

And hey, I may be more experienced than you know! Don't judge a book by it's cover, you know? I'm looking for a guy who's willing to be a top and a bottom, flexible with experimenting and trying out new stuff, and who appreciates me physically.

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Me personally, I like all the sexy body types: Are you the kind of man who needs a little more to love? Do you like a little more cushin' for the pushin'? You're not alone. Gay men worldwide are enamored by chubby guys.

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There's just something so indescribably sexy about chubs, and no one knows that better than ManPlay. You won't find many gay dating sites out there that have dedicated part of their site specially to chubs, but ManPlay.