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Most people involved with ball culture belong to "houses" led by a single leader. Other houses function similarly in many United States but mainly focused in major cities on the East Coast, in the Midwest and South i. According to the Village Voice: One theme discussed in Paris Is Burning is that people of color , queers , and poor people face certain disadvantages and are each a marginalized group ; to qualify as all three makes one a pariah. In response, drag houses are: The structure consists of system of houses where the young men function as apprentices.

Reflecting a minority coping with hatred, the houses are associations of friends, presided over by a "mother," [ The smattering of girls and straight guys notwithstanding, the houses are, essentially, cabals of young gay black and Hispanic men obsessed with being fashionable and fabulous. An exploratory study of two houses in Newark, New Jersey employed qualitative research methods including participant observation and in-depth interviewing to discern that: Strategies employed by "house parents" have had an impact on the choices made by children of the houses regarding HIV risk behaviors.

These strategies can be adapted for use by well-established community-based HIV prevention programs when they are comprised of staff who mirror the characteristics of "house parents" and engage in relationships that parallel this alternative family structure. Besides providing a support system for its members, the main function of these houses is to compete against one another in "walks" or "drag walks" in which they are judged on dance skills , costume , general appearance , and attitude.

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Participants dress according to category in which they are competing and are expected to display appropriate "realness". Dominated today by contemporary hip hop fashion and featuring much hip hop music , these events are actually part of a vivacious and ever-changing culture and are: Balls continue to be held at bars or Masonic halls or other improbable venues.

Across the country and throughout the five boroughs legends are still being born. While these competitive walks may involve crossdressing , in other cases the goal is to accentuate a male participant's masculinity or a female participant's femininity so as to give the almost always false impression that the walker is heterosexual.

Regarding these competitions and their importance to ball culture and the people involved with it, one participant wrote: There is more to the ballroom scene than chopping , mopping , " fierceness " and shade ; and there is more to vogueing than striking a pose. By looking good one can feel good.

By looking powerful, one can feel powerful. One can be powerful. Therefore, beauty begets control. Artifice equals power. Either way, its fun.


There is of course a distinction between the casual runway that would erupt at a "normal" club, and the formal runway of a ball, where there are judges and prizes and actual vogueing. There can be dozens of categories in a single evening. No longer attracting the same number of spectators, almost everyone comes to compete. As a phenomenon of a counterculture or of several countercultures , the origin of ball culture is a story of both of necessity and defiance.

As told by Pulitzer Prize winning author Michael Cunningham. Those balls were merely drag fashion shows staged by white men two or three times a year in gay bars , with prizes given for the most outrageous costumes. Black queens sometimes showed up but they were expected to whiten their faces and they rarely won a prize. In the s, black drag queens started holding their own events in Harlem where they took the concept to: In a burst of liberated zeal they rented big places like the Elks Lodge on th Street, and they turned up in dresses Madame Pompadour herself might have thought twice about.

Word spread around Harlem that a retinue of drag queens was putting together outfits bigger and grander than Rose Parade floats , and the balls began to attract spectators, first by the dozens and then by the hundreds, gay and straight alike. People brought liquor with them, sandwiches, buckets of chicken. As the audiences grew, the queens gave them more and more for their money.

Faux fashion models in feathered coats lined with mylar , so that when the coat was thrown open and a two-thousand-watt incandescent lamp suddenly lit, the people in the first few rows were blinded for minutes afterward. The nightclub's general director and social media administrator have been questioned by officers. Loving protest: The kissing selfies, posted by Kseniya Infinity on her Instagram account, has since gone viral. The selfies did not please Milonov, who hid behind his tablet, and later told a local newspaper that he would 'call the Cossacks' on the two women.

Russian human rights lawyer Vitaly Cherkasov believes that the raid is directly linked to the plane selfie, which was posted online at the beginning of February, according to Globalvoicesonline. The picture was taken by 'Kseniya Infinity' on a plane travelling from Moscow to St Petersburg in front of Vitaly Milonov, a vehemently anti-gay politician. The loving protest infuriated the St. Petersburg city councilman, who later called the women 'animals' and threatened to 'call the Cossacks' on them.

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After the lesbian kissing selfie went viral on Instagram and Twitter, Milonov confirmed the incident to a local news website and threatened to find the women and have Cossacks 'whip and torch' them. We will expel all the perverts from St. The picture also infuriated an anti-homosexual campaign group called Moscow Isn't Sodom and Petersburg Isn't Gomorrah, who made claims that many of those who go to Infinity are minors and that the club permits the sale of illegal drugs. It posted a statement online two days after the picture was taken calling for its supporters to complain about the nightclub to the police.

Speaking to a local paper, Milonov called the women's kissing 'extravagant, terrible, inhuman antics' and referred to Kseniya Infinity as 'this animal'.

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The group drafted a complaint that could be forwarded on. It said: The group added: Before the eyes of everyone on board a flight from Moscow to St. Petersburg, they demonstrated their perverse inclinations, causing a scandal on the Internet.

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Milonov reportedly suggested that Cook could bring 'the Ebola virus, Aids or gonorrhoea', and wanted to ban him from Russia 'for life'. In the past he has also called Stephen Fry 'a sick person', during an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live, during which he also likened homosexuality to beastiality. In December last year he staged a raid on a St Petersburg gay club where he entered the venue with riot police and arrested anyone under Following last year's Eurovision Song Contest, which he branded a 'Europe-wide gay parade', Milonov tweeted that Russia should boycott the 'Sodom show'.

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Milonov co-sponsored Russia's controversial 'gay propaganda' law bans displays of 'non-traditional sexual behaviour' in public or in front of unders. The law allows the government to detain 'homosexual or sympathetic foreigners' for up to 14 days, after which they could face expulsion from the country. Share this article Share. Read more: Share or comment on this article: Police raid gay club run by lesbian who took 'kissing selfie' infront of homophobic politician e-mail Ian Cognito playing at Glastonbury Festival in Theresa May makes Brexit statement in the commons after extension year-old girl is viciously attacked by fellow student.

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