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Kalemba Mumbwa. North and South America. Las Manos. Bluefish Charlie Lake. Long Mile. Gadao's Mahlac Talagi. Moncks Ruakuri. Cave List of caves Cave painting Speleology. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Wikipedia articles needing clarification from May Coordinates on Wikidata. The treaty did not cede Goshute control of land, but a follow-up agreement made in June did. General Connor, who was anti-Mormon , also encouraged his troops to prospect for minerals.

Other Utah Cities:

Connor believed that mining would bring non-Mormons to Utah Territory. After his men discovered gold , silver , lead , and zinc deposits in Tooele County in he was proven right. The Rush Valley Mining District was established by soldiers in the western Oquirrh Mountains and more than claims were staked in the first year. Two new mining towns, Ophir and Lewiston ballooned to over people each in the s, exceeding the population of Tooele and all the Mormon settlements in the area.

Tooele County as originally defined extended into present-day Nevada. The county's borders were adjusted in , in , in , in , and in When Nevada Territory was created in , the county's borders were impacted, and when the Territory became a state , Tooele County was formally divested of all its Nevada area. Two more boundary adjustments were made in and , after which it has retained its boundaries to the present. From to , non-Mormon politicians from the Liberal Party of Utah gained control of Tooele County, the first time any non-Mormons had success in Utah politics.

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Whimsically, they called the county the Republic of Tooele. The election marked the first success of the anti-Mormon Liberal Party, which was organized in The party viewed the large non-Mormon mining population in the county as a natural environment for electoral success and campaigned fiercely in Tooele's mining districts leading up to the June election. Woods , campaigned for the Liberals in Tooele County.

The incumbent Mormon People's Party observed several Tooele polling places on election day and lodged complaints of fraud after the Liberal Party triumphed by about votes out of The People's Party alleged Liberal Party supporters had voted more than once, that many had not been residents for the required six months, and they were not taxpayers—according to territorial law, only taxpayers could vote in elections.

The People's Party called attention to the votes cast in the election although only Tooele County property taxpayers were on record. Incumbents refused to yield control of the Tooele County recorder's office and the Tooele County Courthouse because of the alleged fraud. Governor Woods predictably dismissed the complaints and certified the Liberal victory. McKean ruled that no evidence showing illegal activity had been presented.

McKean construed poll tax as within the meaning of being a taxpayer. Since no evidence was provided there were over carpetbaggers or repeat votes in the election, McKean sustained the tally and authorized deputy U. Marshals to install the Liberal candidates. The recorder's office was seized when it was momentarily abandoned, but a contingent of People's Party supporters and incumbents held the county courthouse night and day.

The marshals and Liberal Party candidates, outnumbered, attempted to negotiate with the armed and barricaded Mormons.

A Community Responds to Trauma: Tooele County School District

Aware that a show of aggression could spark a battle, the parties were nonetheless unable to come to an agreement to hand over power. Judge McKean issued an even more strongly worded injunction, and Brigham Young advised his followers that they had an obligation to obey the federal courts. The county courthouse was abandoned, thus beginning about five years of Liberal Party rule.

However, the Utah territorial legislature, which had the last say on the qualifications of its members, refused to seat the Liberal Party representative from Tooele County. In , the territorial legislature passed bills requiring voter registration and requiring women's suffrage for local elections—women had been voting in territorial elections since The Liberal Party, typically supported by male miners casually interested in politics, opposed both measures.


In the Liberal majority in Tooele County disappeared, and the People's Party regained control in after more than six months of Liberal procedural delays. The Republic of Tooele era was characterized by subsequent politicians as one of excessive spending. Mining continued to play an important part in Tooele County into the 20th century, but the county benefited from two major military bases located in the western portion of the county.

Wendover Air Force Base , now closed, was the training base of the Enola Gay crew, which dropped the first atomic weapon in The Tooele Army Depot , built in , formerly housed the largest store of chemical and biological weapons , forty-five percent of the nation's, in the United States, at the Deseret Chemical Depot.

Starting August , the store was reduced by destruction in a controversial weapons incinerator, at the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility ; the last such weapon was destroyed in January Since the s, much of Tooele County's economic prospects have centered around private hazardous waste disposal facilities. Between and , hazardous waste landfills and incinerators have been installed at Clive and Aragonite.

News coverage for the county is provided by the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin newspaper. The county's western portion is home to the Bonneville Salt Flats , traversed by Interstate 80 and the Wendover Cut-off , the former routing of the Victory Highway.

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Tooele County lies on the west side of Utah. Its west border abuts the east border of the state of Nevada. Its northeast border abuts the Great Salt Lake. Three significant mountain ranges run north-south through the county. Its east boundary line is delineated by the crestline of the Oquirrh Mountains , which separate the Tooele Valley from the Salt Lake Valley.

The Stansbury Mountains parallel the Oquirrhs in the eastern part of the county, and the Cedar Mountains also run parallel to the other two through the east-central part of the county. There are also isolated prominences across the county, especially at its SW corner. The county terrain is largely arid and unused for agriculture unless irrigation water is available. As of the United States Census , there were 40, people, 12, households, and 10, families in the county.

The population density was 5. There were 13, housing units at an average density of 1. The racial makeup of the county was Hispanic or Latino of any race were There were 12, households out of which The average household size was 3.